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The World of Melethen:

In the Beginning there was only one world, Ethen, The World of Magic, The World of Dragons. This world is unfathomable by mortal minds, a realm of Gods and Demi-gods, powerful beings beyond the scope of mortal’s imagining. At some point in time before time existed, the Gods created another world, our world, Melethen, a World without Magic. The reasoning behind this is theorized by many but ultimately unknown. Gods and Dragons are two different names that mean the same, a supremely powerful being. Most think of the Gods as giant flying Dragons because a few Gods terrorized many in the early days of Melethen’s creation.

At first, this other world was a bloodbath. Dragon-Gods flooded it, bringing with them their power, but Melethen is a World without Magic, thus the power of the Gods was limited. They fought each other endlessly, many perished as each strove for power. See, in Ethen, A God could not die. Magic is nigh-infinite, and so the Gods were immortal, but on Melethen, this was not true. And so a war lasted ages beyond count, until finally a decision was made. We do not know who came to this decision, we have no names for the numerous Gods at this time, but an action was taken. A Great Wall was created. The two worlds, Ethen and Melethen, were ultimately separated.

With this separation, the God’s power lessened measurably, and many fled back to their home in fear. Others stayed and shaped the world of Melethen. They shaped the land and the seas, the plants and the animals, and finally, sentient life itself. We know and worship three of these Dragon-Gods, Nani, Kar, and Menar. The Goddess of Life, Nani, embodiment of knowledge, created the Elves and gave them long-lasting life. Kar, God of Stone, embodied creation itself, crafts and building, created the Dwarves and gave them a miraculous ability to create. Menar, God, embodied action and pleasure, created Humans, giving them short lives and a strong will, to live fast and act rashly.

There are other Dragon-Gods, but not many. Few wished to leave Ethen, and after many many years, the Gods on Melethen found that their power was lessening. Fewer Gods came over, with lesser and lesser power, and eventually it became impossible to cross over. The Gods left on Melethen were there to stay. They took to the shadows, watching events from afar, as their power dwindled, and their fear of death increased. They are still likely more powerful than any mortal has ever achieved, but they are not immortal, and so they have faded into mythology, becoming the stuff of tales and stories too imaginative to be believed.

As mortals lived, life an ever-present struggle to survive. Some killed each other with sticks while others made alliances, and slowly society and civilization grew. Cities now lost and ruined were built and the three races lived in relative peace. They considered each other racial cousins and allies.

At some point in time, a Connection was made. Nobody is sure how or why, but evidently there were and are cracks in the Great Wall, allowing one to Connect to Ethen, the World of Magic. This first Connection was made by a town beggar, who always spouted nonsense. One morning as the sun was rising, he said a few words, his eyes widened, and then exploded in a mass of limbs and blood. It was rather disgusting, but it was the First Connection.

Attaining a Connection can be done by just about anybody, but it isn’t easy. You must essentially change your mindset, your perspective, achieve a ‘zen’ mind, perfectly concentrated. Druids used their love of Nature to open their minds, Clerics used their faith, Wizards used ancient books that they spoke from, and others simply used their steely willpower to break through. A few were born with a Connection, and these sorcerers were the most powerful and dangerous. Their constant Connection usually killed them or drove them mad if they did not learn to control it, but if they did, they had more power than anyone who was not born Connected.

Magic brought wealth, health, and general happiness to the land. It made life easier, and though there were a few troubles with power-mad crazy wizards and such, well it was worth it. Unfortunately, there was a group of Mages who wanted more power. They investigated ways to create bigger holes in the Great Wall, to create stronger Connections, and eventually they found it. Little did they realize how much chaos they would foment.

Nobody really knows what happened at The Great Opening because the group of Wizards and Witches there, 17 in all, all went insanely mad after it happened. All we know is everything went wrong, and now the world’s gone mad.

These are the Times of Chaos.

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