A 25 year old Human priest of Menar, God of Humans, wandering the land, searching for knowledge while helping others.


Pretty Strong
Somewhat Dextrous
Pretty Smart
Somewhat Healthy

Decent: Diagnosis, Esoteric Medicine, Naturalist, Survival(woodlands),
Okay: Diplomacy, Theology

Magery 1
Lend Energy, Sense Foes, Minor Healing, Lend Vitality, Itch, Spasm

Charitable, Gullible, Selfless,


Hershal was an orphan left on the steps of the Temple of Menar, in the small city of Menkath. He grew up learning the ways of Menar, God of Humans, of Action and pleasure and emotion. He had a knack for Connecting, and was taught a few spells by those in the Temple. Eventually, Hershal grew fed up with the local Lord’s meddling and controlling ways. He disliked the Laws that restricted what one could do, even if it affected nobody else, so he left. He is wandering the land of Melethen, traveling from small town to forest to village, helping those who need it, and searching for something more. Knowledge, answers, something.


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