Fieren Firedrake

A slightly crazy fire wizard who travels the land attempting to rid himself of the voices in his head by doing good deeds.


Not Very Strong
Somewhat Dextrous
Really Smart
Somewhat Healthy

Less Perceptive, More Healthy, Energetic

Decent: Hidden Lore, Occultism

Okay: Knife, Shortsword

Magery 2
Ignite Fire, Shape Fire, Fireball, Explosive Fireball, Rain of Fire,
Haste, Apportation(move objects without touching them), Unlock, Deflect Missile, Shield, Armor

Bad Temper, Paranoid, Phantom Voices, Curious

Carries: powerstone(5fp) -can use it’s fp instead of his own to charge spells, recovers 1 fp per day
Potion of healing (1d injury healed)


Fieren loves fire. The dance of the flames, the crackling sound, the power…He has become powerful wizard through his research of ancient texts and acts of willpower, though few know anything about him. He is a loner for the most part, as he is quite paranoid that many, if not all, are out to get him. He searches for ancient history, for more powerful fire spells, and lately…for something else. There is something wrong in the air. Though he became a powerful wizard, he has been ignored by the other wizards because of his slightly crazy nature. He has felt something though, something amiss. The Arch-wizards of Melethen are up to something, changing something. There is a strange wind that threatens to extinguish the flame…Fieren isn’t even sure what that means, but he believes it to be true. So he searches for answers and power.

Fieren Firedrake

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